Hatsune Miku Cameos in BBC’s Official Tokyo 2020 Olympics Trailer

It appears the Tokyo 2020 (now 2021) Olympics will be proceeding as planned for July 23rd, as more and more media outlets are beginning to promote the Olympics event. BBC is getting in on this with their own official trailer, which just happens to feature Hatsune Miku at not just one, but two points in the 67 second trailer.

In the video above, you can first hear Hatsune Miku singing at 0:16~0:24. Kenji Kawai was in charge of the music composition for this commercial, so fans may recognize the hints at some of their other music works! Finally, there’s a Racing Miku 2017: Team Ukyo Cheer ver. prize figure from BANPRESTO is visible on the shelf at 0:42 in the trailer.

Doesn’t that look familiar?

We’re wondering in what other ways Hatsune Miku might play a role on the upcoming Olympics, and we can’t wait to what’s possibly in store!

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