Hokkaido Prefectural Police Adopts Hatsune Miku in Motorcycle Accident Prevention Campaign

Hatsune Miku is once again lending her aid for safety awareness in the Hokkaido prefecture of Japan! In response to an increase in deadly motorcycle accidents, the Hokkaido Prefectural Police Traffic Department has adopted Hatsune Miku in a motorcyclist safety awareness campaign.

Motorcycle riders and vehicle drivers alike are encouraged to avoid dangerous and unreasonable driving habits, and to avoid speeding through traffic for the safety of yourself and others.

The rather cute campaign artwork featuring Hatsune Miku as a motorcycle police officer was illustrated by Kyushii, and is likely be featured in advertisement spaces across the prefecture to raise safety awareness.

Ride safe out there!

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qfpARjKXxBcCMUNH 05月12日 12:29
qfpARjKXxBcCMUNH 05月12日 12:29
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