Good Smile Company Company Launches Hatsune Miku Nendoroid Doll Art Contest With Theme “Win Everyone’s Hearts ♡ Date Outfit Coordination”

After several successful launches of several versions of Hatsune Miku in Good Smile Company’s Nendoroid Doll series, they’re now looking towards officially adopting a fan-created Nendoroid Doll design to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of the series in November 2021!

Good Smile Company is looking for designs from artists around the world to be used in an upcoming Nendoroid Doll Hatsune Miku release. The theme for this art contest is “Win Everyone’s Hearts ♡ Date Outfit Coordination“! (Alternatively, “A date outfit that will strike him/her in the heart “)

Nendoroid Doll Hatsune Miku Design Contest Details

  • Theme
    『Win Everyone’s Hearts ♡ Date Outfit Coordination』
  • Time Period
    5:00 PM on June 14th, 2021 JST ~ 5:00 PM on July 26th, 2021 JST
  • Result Announcement Date
    November 2021
  • Number of works to be selected:
  • Target Character:
    Hatsune Miku
  • Qualifications:
    Be a registered member of Piapro.jp, and conform your submissions to the collaboration rules and guidelines (explained in English below).

Submission Format

  • Work Size:
    Please be sure to use only the provided JPG or PNG templates, do not modify the template size or specifications.
  • File Format:
    JPG, PNG
  • Color Mode:
  • Post Tagging:
    Please submit your artworks with the tag “ねんどろいどどーる” (without quotes). This is critical to your submission being eligible for selection. If this is not done during the submission process, it cannot be changed, and you will have to submit your entry again. This tag should be automatically added if you use this link, or the link at the bottom of this article to begin your art submission.
  • Tag locking:
    Please make sure the tag for “ねんどろいどどーる” is locked. This is critical to your submission being eligible for selection.
  • License Terms:
    Please submit your artworks without any licenses. This is critical to your submission being eligible for selection. If this is not done during the submission process, it cannot be changed, and you will have to submit your entry again.

Example of incorrect and correct license setting on Piapro submission.

Additional Notes

  • You can submit any number of artworks created by yourself.
  • High resolution data of the winning design may be requested, so keep all files safe until the winner is announced.


  • Be sure to use the 3-view templates provided for your illustration.
  • Please note that detailed expressions and elements may be difficult to recreate in 3D/fabric, so some details may have to be omitted.
  • Please avoid using an excessive amount of shapes, patterns and colors, as this makes recreation in figure form more difficult.
  • Please make sure to lock your submission tag.
  • Please note that some modifications may be made to the chosen design.
  • Please avoid placing any text information on the submission. However, the corresponding character arm tattoos (i.e., “01”) is fine.
  • Derivative characters (i.e, Snow Miku and Mikudayo) are not eligible for selection.
  • Please remember to post your submission without any license conditions (check example above).
  • The adopted work will require data to be converted to CMYK for printing. Please note this might result in some slight color change.

If you’ve followed all of the rules and guidelines above, you can submit your designs using the link below!

-> Click here to begin submission <-

If you did everything correctly, your submission will appear on the collaboration submission list page. If it doesn’t appear, then you probably forgot to remove licensing terms, or forgot to include or lock the “ねんどろいどどーる” tag. Delete your post and then try again!

Good luck everyone!

Good Smile Company x Piapro collaboration page:


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