Miku-fy Your Holiday With A Hatsune Miku Christmas Ornament & Enameled Pins From Numskull!

Looking to add a little Miku decor to your Christmas Holiday season, or maybe looking for a quick gift for a friend? Numbskull has both covered, with a Hatsune Miku Christmas ornament, and sets of enameled pins! And you can be assured they’re quality made, as my Miku plushie above was happy to show.

The Hatsune Miku Christmas ornament is made from metal, rather than glass or plastic, so you don’t have to worry about accidental breaking it! The ornament goes for $7~$10, depending on the store you grab it from. If you’re quick, it should arrive just before Christmas.

Bauble Heads Hatsune Miku Christmas Ornament → http://www.numskull.com/bauble-heads-hatsune-miku-christmas-decoration-ornament/

The enameled pins have 3 different designs/sets, and add that bit of cute Miku touch to whatever you fasten them to. They’re the perfect gift for a friend, or even to treat yourself! The enameled pins typically go for about $7.99 per set, but there’s a special offer for a 3 for $20 (or 3 for £20) promo going on Geek Store right now! Global shop links available via the official pin detail pages.

Pin set 1.1 → http://www.numskull.com/pin-kings/pin-kings-hatsune-miku-enamel-pin-badge-set-1-1/
Pin set 1.2 → http://www.numskull.com/pin-kings/pin-kings-hatsune-miku-enamel-pin-badge-set-1-2/
Pin set 1.3 → http://www.numskull.com/pin-kings/pin-kings-hatsune-miku-enamel-pin-badge-set-1-3/

Have a Merry, safe, and very Miku Christmas!

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