Hatsune Miku x KYOTO NIPPON FESTIVAL Illustration Contest Opened

A collaboration illustration contest has been launched on Pixiv between Hatsune Miku and KYOTO NIPPON FESTIVAL, a yearly festival to promote a number of Japan’s traditional culture in the city of Kyoto as part of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics promotional campaigns, and the contest begins starting now! The contest is looking for 36 different illustrations of Hatsune Miku with the theme of “Kyoto”, with the prize money of 30,000 yen for each winners!

In additional to the benefit of prize money, each and every of the 36 winning illustrations will be on display at the festival, which is set to be held at the Kitano Tenmangu shrine, a Shinto shrine over a thousand years old in Kyoto, on October 25th~December 8th, 2019. Entries are open starting now, and will close on September 23rd, 2019 at 23:59 JST! 



File Format

JPEG, GIF, PNG* (no more than 23MB per entry)

Result release date

Please wait for notifications until the winning illustrations have been selected.

Other Notes

  • More than one entry is allowed, but not duplicates.
  • *Winning illustrators must be prepared to provide your works in A4-size (210mm x 297mm, 350dpi)
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Entries must be uploaded with the tag “三十六画仙イラコン” (copy and paste without quotes).
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Entries with public levels of “my pixiv only” or “private” will be considered invalid.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Please reassure that entry is there in the list once submitted. Entries that do not appear in the list will be considered invalid.

-> Click Here To Begin Submission Application <-

For more information on KYOTO NIPPON FESTIVAL, please stand by and wait patiently for future web updates.

KYOTO NIPPON FESTIVAL: http://www.kyotonippon.com/
Illustration Contest: https://www.pixiv.net/contest/kyotonippon
Entries list: https://www.pixiv.net/contest/kyotonippon#entries

Main visual by the artist Rella

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